San Francisco is an excellent destination for young tech professionals. But it takes some trial and error to finding a good routine. I sometimes have long days, jam-packed with meetings and presentations near the Financial District. A few weeks after moving to the city, I discovered the Workshop Cafe FiDi. I needed a stable place to massage my presentation and didn’t want to use up my phone’s hotspot capabilities if I didn’t have to. I happily discovered that the cafe has the best free Wifi in the Financial District and they don’t mind when we come in to work on our laptops.
Of course, half-way through my coffee I managed to spill it on myself, completely soaking my tie. Ditching the tie outright was no good and I didn’t have time to get it cleaned, so I rushed to find a replacement. Thomas Pink had exactly what I was looking for, so I ran in and got myself a replacement tie. The beauty of going to a shop like Thomas Pink was that I didn’t have to search helplessly for the tie section in a big box department store – the shop was the tie section! I managed to arrive to my meeting just in time, with no one the wiser about my tie’s preference for coffee.
A few evenings later, I glanced at my watch and was dismayed to find that it was already after 11:00 p.m. – I was so engrossed in a project that I missed dinner. It was already a crazy long day, but most restaurants here close at 11:00. Why is it that when you’re starving late at night, the thought of cooking something is literally too much to handle? Fortunately, I’d heard good things about the Love N Haight Deli and they dominate my list of late-night lifesavers. I really enjoyed the small, simple, and efficient atmosphere that let me grab something good to eat after hours.
Because my schedule varies quite a bit, I’ve found it difficult to find the time to buy the simple necessities. I have this knack for wearing holes in all of my socks before I can get around to buying replacements – a couple months into my new digs, I discovered that it’d happened to me again. A colleague mentioned delivery services, and since then I’ve never looked back. I purchased subscriptions to both the Dollar Shave Club for replacement razor heads, and to Underbox for underwear, undershirts, socks, and towels. I don’t care how dramatic it sounds, these services have literally saved me from frustration – and from looking unprofessional.
My life isn’t all work and no play. At the end of a particularly long week, I had some friends come in for a weekend to check out the city. We went to the obvious tourist locations, including Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge, but I also wanted to take them to something that was more unique to the city. I discovered the PianoFight bar and it was really different. An improv group put on a free performance right in the middle of the bar – I found out later that the performers were all locals and did this regularly. The performance itself was odd, but it was a blast all the same.
I loved life in the city and definitely recommend it for anyone considering the move.

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