I procrastinate with travel prep. It’s a bad habit. I often buy my flight tickets hours before I need to get to the airport. If you’re like me, this leaves you with next to no time to prepare. But don’t stress: I’ve perfected a routine to get packed in 10 minutes.


Step 1 – Grab your passport and spend 8 minutes looking for some cash notes in the local currency of the destination country (whether it’s Euro, GBP, or Yuan – you just *know* you had them). Panic while you can’t find them, but after 8 minutes – put a lid on it, we have only 2 minutes left.


Step 2 – Grab my power bank and electric razor to throw into my carry-on bag. These are essential, trust me.


Step 3 – Change into my nice dark jeans, button-down shirt, and blazer. I make sure to put on my good shoes that go with everything. Everyone should have a pair of these.


Step 4 – From the plane, I order everything else online or purchase what I need at the airport. That’s what the WiFi is for. A suit, tie, and shirts can all be delivered to my hotel room. I make sure to order the suit in two different sizes.


Step 5 – When I arrive, I try on the suits. I keep the one that fits best and have the hotel help me return the one that doesn’t. If I need a slightly casual look for going out, I have the hotel launder the clothes I wore on the plane.


Step 6 – I enjoy the conference, network like crazy, and feel proud of my efficiency. I promise myself I won’t procrastinate again, but I probably will.

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