London is an excellent destination for the traveling entrepreneur, especially when conferences, meetings, and related events require your presence on the other side of the pond. If you’re new to London, it’s important to know one thing: any given day can be cold and rainy. Even in summer.

Here is a quick list of the best things to have for surviving your next trip:

London Fog trench-coat. Trust me, you want one. This will keep the harshest of the wet and rain off of you. And it’s very warm.

Sturdy umbrella. This seems obvious, but don’t forget to bring an umbrella with you. Everywhere.

Layers, layers, layers. The real trick for staying warm is layering. So be sure you have a warm scarf and gloves, thick socks, a sweater, and an undercoat. If it warms a little, remove a layer. But this isn’t likely.

Wellingtons. A popular rain boot brand in the UK. Get them. They will keep your feet warm and dry. They’re also ridiculously comfortable.

Liquids. Drinks are recommended when traveling to any location, at any time. But in London, you will either want to have something warm – like tea or coffee, or something that will make you feel warm – like beer. Luckily, local pubs abound in the city. You can get food while you’re there.

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