I travel lots – over 20 conferences in the last 18 months! This allows me to do two things that help me advance HACERA’s vision:
– Learn about each and every industry and get ideas on how blockchain can transform them
– Meet amazing people interested in blockchain technology and making the future happen – today!

And guess what!? I’m about to travel even MORE! So come meet me, inspire me and get inspired with me! I’ve been invited to speak on various panels at conferences all over the globe this year, but unfortunately, there are only so many places I can commit to. So here is the list of conferences I will attend in the next 4 months.

Please schedule a meeting with me here.

March 14-15 | San Francisco | EuroFinance

I will participate in a session: Is FinTech failing to deliver?

Wednesday 14 March 4.00 – 5.00 pm

In an age of buzzwords and bandwagons, FinTech is one of the big three along with AI and blockchain. But can a teeming ecosystem of small start-ups really re-invent finance and deliver a new world of low prices and unbeatable customer experience? Leaving aside the fact that almost all of them will fail, the revolution they promise, if deliverable, poses significant risks to the stability of the financial services sector and beyond, at least according to people like Bank of England governor Mark Carney. This is already attracting the attention of the regulators, and the regulatory arbitrage currently enjoyed by FinTechs too small to have to bear the burden of real compliance. So, should you wait and see, or start migrating now?

March 15-16 | San Francisco | TokenFest SF

March 19-21 | Las Vegas | IBM’s Think/Interconnect

March 28-29 | Dubai | Dubai All executives conference – Blockchain Mastery for Business

April 23 | Chicago | Distributed Markets

May 2 – 3 | Dubai | Hyperledger Hackathon

May 14 – 16| NYC | Consensus – NYC

June 4-6 | Amsterdam | Money 20-20

June 6-8 | NYC | Exponential Finance

To contact me with conference speaking or panel participation proposals, please email me.

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